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Medicare Services

Medicare in home benefits Medicare is the federal Health insurance Program for individuals who are 65 or older, and certain cases of young people with disabilities and people with end-to-end stage renal disease.

Oftentimes, cases when ordered by Physicians, Medicare Part A and/ or B will pay for medically necessary services provided a home setting over short term A senior who requires only non medical care (meal preparation, bathing assistance, housekeeping, will not qualify for Medicare coverage of these services.

Medicare certificate home health care agencies are contracted by Medicare to provide a host of covered home health services. Medicare only pays for services provided by an agency that meets it quality standards A senior who is enrolled in Medicare Advantage Plan might have to use a certified home health care agency that participants in their plans networks.

Home Health Care Cost - $24.00 an hour

Non- Medical Home HealthCare homemakers custodial care $23.00 an hour.

Using traditional Health insurance plans to pay for Home care.

Private health insurance plans may pay for select elders cares services, however their varied coverage available plan to plan most of which is private insurance will not pay for non- Medical HealthCare services, and in home skilled care is rarely covered at hundred percent. Research prospective policies to get the best services and coverage.

There's new coverage - Medigap Coverage of Home Care Services and additional policy coverage that works along side original Medicare benefits Part A & Part B

The supplemental policy is purchased from a private company to pay for the gaps in cost not coverage by Medicare co - pay and deductible neither Medicare nor Medical policies are designed to pay for long term care, their coverage for in home services are limited to medically necessary care over the short term

Senior, that doesn't mean the requirements for Home care services may have to pay out of pocket.

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