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"There Is No Place Like Home" 

Caring for Seniors in the Comfort of Their Homes 

Sojourner Truth In Home Health Care Services, LLC

trained professionals staff provides excellent superlatives care for seniors and is very knowledgeable of caregiving and Loved one's concerns regarding providing services for seniors

At Sojourner Truth In Home Health Care Services, LLC

we believe that seniors should continue to have a high quality of life despite their advanced age. This includes feeling a sense of freedom and autonomy as they live their day-to-day life.

While we all want the best for our elderly family members, we know and understand that it is normal to have some concerns about giving them some independence. To give you peace of mind while allowing your loved one to do well on their own, you need a trusted and trained senior care professional to look after your loved one.

Sojourner Truth In Home Health Care Services, LLC. is a privately owned corporation that provides quality in-home care, personal and respite services for the elderly our aspiration is to provide the elderly with the assistance needed to remain independent in their family setting near family and friends

Six Priorities


Support families in maintaining a healthy family environment


Help the elderly to embrace longevity


Support families in understanding the Importance of allowing the elderly to live in their own homes


We Inclusive individual Quality Health Care. 


Promote effective and responsive management


Promote a healthy approach to aging

Mission Statement

Sojourner Truth In Home Health Care Services, LLC team's mission is to give seniors the opportunity to experience the fullness of life by allowing seniors to maintain their dignity, integrity, and self respect. 

Seniors will maintain in their homes with the assistance of traveling professionally trained in-home health care workers. The in-home health care team will provide support in promoting health, accepting self- development in growing older and self-determination in making their life decisions. 

The purpose of Sojourner Truth In Home Health Care Services, LLC, is to give relief to low - middle-income families, and to give families an opportunity at maintaining their careers of employment with the support of qualified professionals providing quality care to their significant Other.

What Makes Us Unique

Services provided  comprehensive services that enhance the senior's abilities the top Five Cord Foundations spiritually, physically, socially, intellectually, and emotionally. We support and educate families and caregivers to promote wholeness and a holistic approach in the family structures.

Meet Our Owner

Susan Tibbs- Smith, MHC, HSS, ASWB President, CEO of Sojourner Truth In Home Health Care Services, LLC was founded in 2006. Susan is an evangelist, visionary, Christian, and purpose-driven entrepreneur. She is magnanimous, innovative, and evolves humanity. Susan is blessed with three children, seven grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

Susan is a mental health counselor and a human services specialist. She has over thirty years of experience employed with the Department Of State of Michigan Health and Human Services and Foster Care.

Susan's Strengths - Heart - Centered - Strategist - Visionary - Creative Problem Solver - Passion For Excellent - Optimizer and Transformation Agent

Educational Achievements

Susan Tibbs graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counselor. She graduated from the University of Detroit Mercy with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services Specialist. Susan also graduated from Wayne County Community College with an Associate of Science Degree. Pre-Nursing Studies and Mercy Universe College Pre-Nursing Studies.

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

MDHHS Michigan Board of Counselling State of Michigan.

MDHHS State of Michigan Wayne County Jail William Dickerson Detention Facility.

MDHHS Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services.

MDHHS Seniors and Child Welfare Institutional Rights.

Ecclesiastical Background

In 1997 she joined Great Faith Ministries International under the Presiding Apostle Wayne T. Jackson and Dr. Beverly Y. Jackson. Susan served in hospitality and the seniors on the move. She was called to evangelize in 1997. She enrolled in Every People Tribe and Nation Evangelistic Association. Evangelist and Missionary Leadership and World Mission Training School under the Presiding Apostle Joanna Rochester.

Wisdom is with the aged and understanding in length of days - Job  12:12.

Geriatric Background

During Susan’s college career in 1988, she made her main topic in the geriatric population because of her compassion for seniors. Her desire is for the geriatric population to live in a safe and protected environment. Susan was employed for more than 15 years in health care services.

Susan has had experience as the caregiver to multiple loved ones in the family she is an anointed exceptional nursing assistance. She ministered to the seniors and her belief is no senior should be left alone. Susan is extremely familiar with the responsibility associated with the geriatric population. She has high morals, values, and ethics. She is trustworthy and dedicated to everything she sets her mind to.

Susan's inspiration meet every need of seniors. She comprised integrates in-home health care services to meet the needs of seniors' physical, psychological, and social intervention. Susan's professional staff approach provides support and is highly individualized to allow the client to make practical decisions by embracing a balanced lifestyle social services intervention.

Therapeutic Modality

Person Centered

Individual Group

Family Counseling

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Art Therapy

Member of:

  • University of Phoenix Alumni
  • Association National Society of Leadership and Success
  • University of Detroit Mercy Alumni
  • National Association Social Worker 
  • Aging Care 
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